The Best Recruiter With 7 Years of Experience

Since 2016 BM Travels Limited Manpower has brought employers and job seekers together with results that speak for themselves! Our experience, powerful insights, proven delivery, and attention to detail have identified top human resources companies across a range of professional levels, industries, and companies throughout Bangladesh. BM Travels Limited takes pride in its extensive and diverse experience in supplying the human resources requirement for the Construction, Engineering, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Information Technology, Mining, Retail, Hospitality, and Healthcare Industries. We have been making mutually beneficial matches between job seekers and our corporate clients and go to great lengths to ensure that both needs are satisfied. We use proprietary recruitment techniques to pinpoint the most suitable job candidates.
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BM Travels Limited Manpower dedicates itself to delivering a high level of competency, professionalism, and satisfaction, maintaining industry leadership while continuously improving client and application relationships and sustaining a collaborative relationship with and among the Bangladesh government and foreign principals.
As one of the most trusted names in Manpower service and an active player in the overseas placement of Bangladesh, BM Travels Limited Manpower has to recruit and include qualified applicants into qualify its Manpower database pooled by its main office based in Dhaka city.Systematically and efficiently pre-qualify and shortlist applicants, then forward them to foreign principals and employers, eliminating the process of unnecessary delay and guaranteeing immediate hiring and deployment to jobs abroad. Maintain good and harmonious relations with foreign principals, bankers, and employers and ensure maximum employment benefits to the Bangladesh Workers regarding salary and other non-wage considerations. In furtherance thereof, undertake research and development studies and initiatives, and strengthen linkages to attain the success of these goals.
Conduct post-development and on-site support services to ensure the welfare and well-being of the deployed Bangladesh Workers in their workplace and the faithful compliance by employers of their obligations embodied in the employment contracts as well as provide prompt support and assistance to distressed Bangladesh Workers deployed, including repatriation caused by events beyond the control of the Bangladeshi Workers and for causes provided by law.



Requirement Received

After obtaining many vacancies and positions in demand letters from various firms, we hunt for the correct applicants that can be the best for our clients.


Need Analysis

We study and undertake a complete evaluation of all the demands and requirements of the firm, including business activities and industry regulations, to find suitable talent for the company. The Client must sign a contract with BM Travels Ltd. management outlining the recruitment parameters.



The HR professionals at BM Travels Ltd. execute sourcing as part of the recruitment process. We have a vast database for sourcing and promoting job openings using offline and internet tools to find qualified individuals.


Resume Scrutiny

BM Travels Ltd. offers a safe and effective way to accept resumes in either paper or electronic format. According to job needs and topic specialists, resumes are categorized and ordered by priority.


Sharing with Employer

After sorting resumes, we share the selected profiles of the candidates with our clients.


Shortlisting & Interview

The shortlisted candidates are called for interview by BM Travels Ltd. HR and the clients through an online or offline process.


Candidate Selection

BM Travels Ltd. takes pleasure in customizing each client's choosing process. We give the best skilled and unskilled workers according to the company's needs.


Offer Letter

For the candidates who are selected after the interview, an offer letter is sent to them for their respective positions.



Visa processing, medical testing, and background checks are among the documentation required for processing a job in another country. We have areas of expertise in handling the tasks mentioned above in high-volume situations.



Before the candidate's migration, we coordinate everything based on the availability of tickets once all of the documents have been accepted and cleared. Our team also coordinates the candidates' arrival at abroad sites and their first onsite reporting.